Consign your Hot Rod, Street Rod, Classic, Custom, Muscle Car or Truck

Are you selling your hot rod, street rod, classic, custom, muscle car or truck?

Please give us a call or shoot an email! Avoid the hassle of dealing with weird calls at all hours or people continually trying to lowball you on your vehicle. Let us handle all of the inquiries for you and get you top dollar for it.


We prefer to work out exactly what you need to get out of your vehicle and make our money on top of that if we feel can. If after speaking, we cannot come to a number that works for both parties (this rarely happens), we simply shake hands and part ways.

We are a licensed and bonded dealer…not a broker. We have an incredible indoor showroom in Edmonds filled with other high-end vehicles. Depending on the deal we come to, we may choose to have you keep your vehicle here but that is not necessary. It can stay right where it is, although we do like to take pictures of the local vehicles here professionally.

We represent clients all over the United States. We have over 500 active clients all over the world and associate dealers as well. We advertise directly, or through our associates, on every major website, several trade magazines and are active on social media. It would cost you hundreds of dollars a month to duplicate what we do on our own dime to get a sale completed.

We also handle all of the paperwork necessary in a sale as a dealer (including temporary tags) and can offer financing on any vehicle which opens up a lot more buyers.

Why deal with all the trouble, not going to know who shows up to meet you, dealing with money/checks, etc. when you don’t have to at no cost to you?

Please give us a call at (425) 673-8091 or email to and schedule an appointment to discuss.