1978 Chevrolet Suburban Project Street Rod w/extra truck

We acquired these in a trade with the intention of building one out in the style of the main photo, but the body shop is just too busy right now. It still has a little work to be done (blue one) but is pretty much ready for rims, wheels tire and paint. If you wanted to drive it in the mean time we can schedule it into the body shop in a few months or you could slide it through MAACO! We have a full shop of inventory and need the room which is why it is going for about half of what is into it to date.

The white one is also a good running and solid truck. We took them both as the white one has all the extra parts to swap out with the blue one and still end up with two at the end. One customized and one a work or shop truck.

They are both powered with 350ci 4-barrel carburetor and 350 transmissions and run well. The blue truck has had the majority of the work done on it including:


  • Rebuilt TH 350 transmission and torque convertor with approximately 2,500 miles on it. Auxiliary transmission cooler with radiator bypass. Both done by Leadfoot Automotive in Vancouver, Washington.
  • New heater core, Brow radiator, right front inner well (left included but needs installed).
  • New lower and upper control arms, inner and outer tie rods ends/sleeves and idler arms.
  • Front brake inner and outer hoses, calipers and inner and outer bearings.
  • 3″ Belltech drop spindles in rear, 2 1/2 in the front with air load bags to decrease recoil.
  • Lower bench recovered.
  • Front sway bar bushings and clamps replaced.
  • A bunch of extra parts to go with blue truck.
  • Nice Pioneer Stereo system with Bluetooth.


These are both solid trucks from top to bottom and are available together as a package or individually. We are asking $5,000.00 for the pair or, $3,500.00 for the blue one and $1,500.00 for the white. Again, they are both solid drivers, as is, but we would really like to see some version of the original idea come to fruition and will be here to help to achieve it.